On The Road Again 2013

The ARTIMOBIEL is on the road again!!! Spread the news, for all your Adventures, Projects and Performances in classic style.

Geert and Hanneke are the founders of the Artimobiel project which was created 23 years ago. It's a non-profit bus association that was built for the exchange of people who are working towards a world based on solidarity. A huge amount of activities were set up and supported during these 23 years. At the very beginning, it started as a women's rights project and got later on involved in all sorts of theater and cultural events as well as political actions.
By now, the hard work of maintaining and pleasure goes on, with the same spirit and a new start. De Artimobiel gaat door!
Artimobiel projects in 2013:

- support of Indigenous Movement
- Museum trip with Turkish/Marocain woman
- support of west-Papua movement
- wedding of Julia & Christien

Artimobiel projects in 2014:

- Illuseum Amsterdam
- meeting point / stichting vrolijkheid
- children book presentation Buiksloterbreedbekkikker
- open monument day Oisterwijk
- wedding Nadia & Christien Man bijt Hond
- Kunstmarkt Nijmegen
- Tour de Champion
- The Granny Finest
- Models at Work

For bookings: Bassie 0031/ (0)6 16425324